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About – Introductions

Perhaps it’s the sauna-like humid environment, perhaps it’s the warm sea-breeze that waves it’s way over the tiny island, whatever the reason, food is always on everyone’s mind.

Penang, The Island of Eats.

No where else in the world is food taken as seriously as it is in Penang. From early morning dim sum to mid-day nasi kandar, a ten-course Chinese sit-down dinner to a midnight roti tissue snack; food is the language that binds and ties everyone here on this tiny island, on the north-western coast of the Malay Peninsular and south of Thai border.

And even if you’re feeling peckish at 3am in the morning… not a problem, someone, somewhere on the almost 300 km square island has something to serve you, the only trick is just knowing where to look.

Hence PenangEats.

True Penangites at heart, Foodies by blood is the only way to describe anyone who claims their heritage from Penang… it really is all about food. Food, taken so seriously that people care little how you are, and more whether you have a filled stomach, derived from the typical Hokkien greeting, ‘Chiak pah boi?’ (Translated: Have you eaten?)

PenangEats shares our love, admiration, pride and often consternation (at being so far away) of Penang food in all it’s glorious forms – from (street) hawker food, to home secret recipes, ice-cold juices of the most bizarre fruits to secret eating places only locals are privy to.

We want to share with you, experiences and impressions, stories and memories, tips and tricks of our foodie heritage. Enjoy your time here on PenangEats. Do share your thoughts, ideas and opinions, ask questions if you have any, and generally live vicariously through our ultimate homage to all food, and especially Penang food.

About the Writers (True Penangites)

Li-ling Ooi

Li-ling has now spent more of her life away from Penang than actually living there, yet, nothing will ever match the smells, tantalising tastes and wafting aromas of food in Penang. A research chemist by training, and self-taught everything else, Li-ling runs Xelium together with Sam, based in the UK.
When she’s not busy, writing blog posts, liaising with clients on their latest projects, updating accounts and home-educating, she enjoys re-creating as authentically as possible, the gorgeous hawker and home cooked meals of her childhood in Penang.

Samuel Tan

Kim Yeoh